23 December 2013

Just when we thought it was safe

We had assumed that the dirty work was over. All the builder had to do was lay the new flooring in the dining room and put the new wooden treads on the staircase. Assumption incorrect. The new flooring in the lounge room had ballooned up over the last week so, when the builder arrived two days ago, his first job was to ease the pressure by cutting the flooring along all the walls. We then had a gap between the flooring and the stone walls which was certainly better than a ballooning floor but a bit "brutto" to look at and clean. The builder suggested filling this gap with soft foam then running silicone of the same colour as the flooring along the top of the foam. This solution would allow the flooring to expand into the foam and make it easy to clean the edges but would also allow us to remove the silicone if we find that there is a further ballooning problem in the future. The builder then started to put the new wooden treads on the staircase. First, he jackhammered out the stones in the surrounding wall (=more rubble) in order to lay the landing on both the wall and the staircase steel. As with all tasks here, this proved to be challenging with the landing not being entirely square and the two bedrooms that come off the landing at different levels. Yesterday he laid the new flooring in the dining room, thankfully considering process improvements discovered from recent experience!

Above: the lounge room in disarray for the builder to cut the edges. There is now a whole new layer of dust over everything!

Above: the dining room again has rubble everywhere as a result of the fitting of the landing on the staircase

Above: the landing on the staircase in the process of being fitted


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