21 December 2013

Stairway to heaven

The builder had to wait for the cement slab to dry out before he could finish laying the flooring. He also had to wait for the stair treads to be hardened (kiln-fired) before he could finish the stairs. This meant he had a week's break from trundling up our little valley. Before he left, he gave me a tin of rust inhibitor paint and suggested that I paint the staircase steel before the treads arrive. He had chosen the colour, which he announced to be "anthracite". This week I got started on this most tedious of jobs (do you know how many angles a staircase railing and bannister has!?) and have finally finished it.

Above: the staircase with the temporary treads that the builder made for us out of spare scaffolding planks

Above: the staircase from the dining room

Above: the staircase from the landing


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