24 December 2014

Sometimes good ideas aren't that good

When we purchased the house, we found two new bathroom sinks and taps that had been purchased but never installed by the previous owner.

The sinks were hand made: very small and oval in shape, cream in colour with flowers painted on them. The taps were expensive and elegant: chrome with ceramic handles.

We loved these things...until we came to actually use them.

The sinks were curved at the waste so virtually impossible to install without leaks. They were also too small to do anything in so that whenever Stu had a shave the entire cabinet top would get wet! The plug had an old-fashioned insert which gathered all of the detritus that goes down a bathroom sink (yuck!)

The taps were curved everywhere which created perfect nooks and crannies for calcium buildup from our well water.

We tried hard but we are practical people and living with these high maintenance items finally got the better of us.

We pulled everything out and installed the exact opposite: large white sinks with easy to fit wastes that will keep clean and plain stainless steel mixer taps that will be easy to keep free calcium buildup.

Stu finished the installation this week and we are incredibly happy with our new bathroom.

The old sinks and taps are for sale.


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