21 January 2009

The Crunch

I was laying on my stomach like a beached whale.

He was lurching above me.

I felt his presence and froze. Cold hands flattened on my shoulders and moved slowly up to my neck. I gasped. He pressed, then released. I waited. He pressed, then released. I waited.

'Sit', he demanded.

While my brain clunked through the alternative methods of getting from 'prostrate' to 'sit', my body remained horizontal.

Much later, in my newly achieved sitting position, he approached me from behind. His hands surrounded my head like a cage. I wondered if he intended to crush my skull. I waited. He twisted. Crunch. I waited. He twisted. Crunch.

(If anyone is wondering what this is about, read my Blog from 18th Jan entitled 'The Fall'. It seems the muscles cooled...)


  1. This is fascinating - am I the first to comment?
    The Cyclist

  2. Hi 'Anonymous' (Dad?)
    Yes...thanks for your comment!


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