23 January 2009

Missing the Connection

Today they missed their connection.

They were three minutes late.

The train normally waited for them but perhaps three minutes was a little too long for a Swiss train?

They had tried though...running up the temporary wooden access ramp to the other platform, only to see the train pulling away, the last of its carriages creaking like a great aged caterpillar.

So they waited. Twenty minutes on a chilly platform.

'Well, that was twenty minutes of my life wasted, she murmured as she boarded the next connection.

She caught her words. Hadn't her partner only that morning berated her for being too pessimistic? But surely her statement had been positive? She wanted to be constantly reminded of time slipping away, of life passing, and her comment was motivation to optimise every minute of it!

As she glanced out of the train window, she saw that nature was also motivating her. A sunrise was spraying its joy at her...in orange, yellow and pink...


  1. Hi Cathy,
    This is showing some real literary class.
    The Cyclist

  2. Hi 'Anonymous' (Dad


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