20 January 2009

My Sore Neck

I have a sore neck...probably from that little slip on the ice yesterday...

This morning was the first morning for two weeks that I haven't done my writing course on the train. We met a friend and she sat with us for the entire trip to work. I feel cheated. I feel like I've lost an opportunity so I'll have to make it up to my 'creative artist' tonight.

But these pathetic setbacks haven't stopped me from starting to think about my story for the Henry Lawson Festival of Arts Writing Competition! I'm going to write a piece about Wilpena Pound. It will be based on a camping trip my family made there when I was a young teenager. I will try to make it a little humorous so I can only hope that my family don't find it offensive...

I'm also entering the Writers & Artists Yearbook 2009 Writing Competition. The theme is 'Conflict'. I'd like to write a new story and I'll start on that one tonight too...perhaps even on the way home in the train.

Warning: Friends must be avoided at all costs!

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