27 January 2009

Marketing Plan

Sorry, everyone!

I do not have an interesting story to load today.

Instead, I've been spending time developing a Marketing Plan for my Freelance Writing...

I've been identifying all the things I DON'T have that will make it difficult to market myself! :-(

Bad Catherine! (My writing course says I must be positive and believe in myself! So I guess this means I have to focus on the 'not-directly-connected-to-writing' aspects of my career/life and make some mileage out of them!)

I will post my Marketing Plan when I've finished it so you can all see how imaginative I was able to be!

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  1. OK - can't wait. I am reading Chris Bonington's biography - he had to climb the highest peaks in the world before the media took any interest in him.
    The Cyclist


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