05 July 2013

Greed or food efficiency?

It is standard practice to bring as much food as you can back to Tabubil whenever you have a chance to fly out. For the last 10 months we have brought in 60kg of food every trip. The food ranges from meat, cheese and chocolate (in a freezer pack) to oats, flakes, relishes and nuts. All of these items are either unavailable at Tabubil, unreliably available or prohibitively expensive. So, now that we have resigned and only have 57 days left (including a 14 day rostered off period), we are faced with running this food down as efficiently as we can. This means avoiding simple meals such as eggs on toast and eating proper meals instead. It also means making lots of a meal so that we can eat leftovers for lunches instead of buying more sandwich fillers. I will keep you posted as we go...and provide more photos as the stock slowly runs down...



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