16 July 2013

To stop or not to stop

Today, Stuart and I were driving down the main road in Tabubil when we came across some roadworks. A couple of "stop and go" men were managing traffic on each side of the road. As dutiful law abiding individuals, we correctly stopped and waited. And waited. And waited. Somewhere in our culturally sensitive expat minds we had accepted that this wait was typical of PNG. After many long minutes, we started to wonder why we had the stop sign when there were no other vehicles evident along the entire road. We looked a little closer. Both "stop and go" men were showing their "stop" signs. If nothing else, PNG teaches you patience...and acceptance...and to intervene if necessary...

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  1. Lovely to hear of your doings again. PNG!!! You are getting around.
    Jacqui & Jean_Michel


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