23 July 2013

Truly blessed

Never before have I appreciated the blessings of my birth more than during the last year. Since I have been in Papua New Guinea, I have seen much poverty and felt a sense of "this is all there is". While the culture is traditional, tribal and intensely proud, it is also deeply superstitious and violent. I wonder about the luck I have been blessed with in my life. Last week, one of my team members said to me "You have done so much in your life". Her simple statement really hit me. Yes, I have done so much in my life...and all of it simply because of the luck of my birth. My birth parents, my birth place and my birth era. Middle class parents + Australia + late 20th century. This combination made for a life full of opportunity and without limitation. I have always had a car, a job, a home. I have travelled extensively, I have lived overseas in 3 different countries. I have had an incredible international career. I have been a dance sport champion. I have snorkelled, ridden horses and taken long distance treks. I have knitted, crocheted, read and cooked. I have loved, lost and laughed. I have rushed, watched and loitered. I feel truly blessed.


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  1. This is quite inspiring - what a change to read such a cheerful tribute to a life of achievements - Dad


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