24 July 2013

Until we meet again

We spent last evening reading, every so often lifting our eyes from our books to ponder the white plastic wrapped furniture and cardboard boxes that surrounded us. I found myself badly distracted by all that this move meant. I considered all of our previous moves and the meaning of traipsing all over the globe with our "things". Some of our things have been from Australia to Singapore to Australia to Switzerland to Italy to Australia and now back to Italy. There is a lot to be said for crystal balls. Much earlier than normal we slithered into our sleeping bags and felt that incredible feeling of being horizontal and cocooned in a tube of duck down. Only campers and backpackers can truly understand that feeling. When we woke, we were met with a very crisp winter day. At 7.30am, the sun was up but the air was still frigid and into that late dawn Wridgways arrived with a twenty foot container. We have a morning of farewelling our treasure and trash...until we meet it again...


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