13 July 2013

Soon to be free (again)

We have resigned. Again. The state of the PNG nation is not good. As we watch PNG regressing, these are worrying times. Government ministers continue to promote the removal of foreigners from their country and violence is increasing. Just this last week, one of my employees watched as his uncle was hacked to death by a machete-wielding highlander at a football match. The reason was not who was winning or losing the match but simply tribal warfare. There could have been any number of reasons. But the jungle drums don't toll for we foreigners. They are silent, eventually surprising or shocking us and always after the fact. The added worry of low metal prices means that our big hole in the jungle is not earning as much as it usually does. The company is bleeding and has been for many months. Drastic measures will be taken. Now may well be the best time to leave PNG...

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