13 April 2014

Overgrown beauty

Our place has been neglected for at least 30 years. Recent owners have "played" with the house and the immediate area around the house but never ventured beyond. Since we purchased it, we have been gradually clearing the overgrown jungle further away and have been delighted by what we have found. We have uncovered a long stone wall which follows the contours of the hill as well as a series of stone steps that take us up to a terrace that enables one to walk along the top of the wall. This terrace is supported by retaining walls and a little wooden bridge spans a section of earth that is missing. Although we have yet to clear a small landslide to enable us to walk along the terrace it is a wonderful thing to see how the place once was. We have also uncovered a row of miniature roses along the steps, luckily identifying them amongst the blackberry. At the end of the old vine paddock, we've found several grand old trees that stand tall and wide amidst the jungle. Further on we've found mounds of climbing vines that hide other trees. We can't wait to loosen these shackles and let the trees develop into the beautiful specimens that they can be. It seems that this old farm was once very much loved...

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