18 April 2014

Persistence is rewarded with success

My marmalade challenge has been surmounted! At yesterday's egg painting event, I sought the opinion of friends regarding my non-setting marmalade. Several of my friends suggested adding pectin while others suggested adding lemon juice or apple and still more suggested boiling it longer. When I got home, there was some email advice from Dad: "Boil it longer". Determined (and desperate!) to consider all ideas, I went to a grocery shop to check the ingredients list of the pectin additive. While it seems that this option is fairly natural, I don't think this powdered stuff would have been used by my ancestors. So I left it on the shelf and purchased a bag of lemons instead. This morning I woke bright and early, squeezed the lemons, decanted four of the jars of unset marmalade from two days ago into my jam-making pot again, added the lemon juice and boiled it longer. The first batch certainly set...into something akin to toffee ("toffee orange marmalade"?). The second batch burnt ("burnt orange marmalade"?). The third batch actually set! Not wanting to lose the momentum, I continued to make more marmalade using the new orange mix that I had soaked overnight. This made up batches four, five and six. Although each batch was a slightly different colour, they all set! Thanks family and friends for giving me hope...

Runny stuff (on left) with burnt stuff (on right)

Perfect stuff (on left) with burnt stuff (on right)


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