21 April 2014

The wanderer

I was flailing against my weeds yesterday when I heard a bell. Bells are generally disturbing because they mean hunters are in the valley. I straightened my back, which is no small feat when I've been bent over for an hour, and looked down the rise towards the sound. Nothing. So once again I bent my spine to tackle the weeds. Half an hour later the bell tingled again. I straightened my back once more and focused on the direction of the sound. Nothing. I began to worry about my hearing...or perhaps my sanity. The next time I heard the bell, I asked Stu if he could hear it too. He couldn't. But this time I could SMELL animal. I called Stu. We peered amongst the trees to find a small nanny goat walking through our middle paddock in a very purposeful manner! Oh joy of joys! Here was the "stray" animal that I'd been praying would walk onto our property and into our lives! I ran towards it with arms outstretched, jabbering away at it in English. It came to a sudden halt, stared at us for a split second, then turned on its heel and fled in shock. We could hear its panicked bell tingling for many minutes after as it made its escape from two desperate foreigners.

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