24 April 2014

The water tank...update

A few days ago I posted about our water tank. I mentioned that it is underground and deep and a wonderful source of water but I didn't mention how we actually get it out! Well, Stu recently bought a second hand submersible pump from a friend and he used this to remove the putrid water. However, it had no pressure and took all day to empty the tank. So this week we went to our plumber for advice. We explained that we had this pump, which had a label that promised to be capable of pumping out of a tank like ours at a rate of 7,000 litres an hour...but didn't. She said one word: "plastica". So I took pen to paper and scribbled a picture of our tank for her, adding a few vital dimensions. She showed us two options, which were German manufactured and of stainless steel construction. We took a leap of faith and purchased one of them. The installation of the new pump became a priority for Stu that day. When he called me over to the tank, I guessed what he wanted to show me...but I hadn't anticipated the joy I would see on his face as he stood there with water gushing out of our hose!


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