10 November 2014

From the heat to the chill

Our return to Italy a few days ago was celebrated today with the ultimate gastronomical event : the Fiera del Tartufo. This annual event in our little town of Canelli celebrates the truffle harvest.

On a very typical Autumn day (dark, overcast, damp), we ventured into town from our quiet valley to find the streets closed to traffic and alive with people and food stalls.

The stalls were beautifully decorated and laden with local produce.

Since almost all of them offered sampling, we tasted our way around them, stopping to purchase fresh tartufo and fonduta raviolini, tartufo gorgonzola, chocolate hazelnut biscotti, hazelnut torrone (nougat), a selection of salamis (contadina, barolo, tartufo) and a magnificent piece of herb and red wine marinated air dried pork which we will continue to dry in our kitchen for Christmas!

Our lunch consisted of hot roasted marrone (chestnuts) and farinata (fried chickpea), eaten as we walked.

Just after midday, the mid Autumn weather turned slightly more late Autumn. The temperature dropped, the sky darkened and a few drops of rain could be felt.

We headed home to put the fire on, our aromatic truffle purchases in hand.

Above: Our air dried pork hanging in the kitchen


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