06 February 2015

Fallen tree in the front paddock

After clearing the fallen tree off the road we tackled the fallen tree in the paddock.

Another hour later and only the main trunk remains, which will be cut for firewood once the snow melts.

Above: The fallen tree complete
Above: The fallen tree less its upper branches
Above: The tree feller in action



  1. Must be time for coffee or something stronger.

    1. Tom, a whole bottle of local Gancia spumante was enjoyed last night!

  2. Beautiful photos of the snow Cath. I know what you mean about the silence and the magic of such a dramatic change to the world over night. I'm sure you'll put that firewood to good use.

    1. Thanks Jenny! Yes, the silence IS magic. Firewood is always appreciated here although cutting it is always a 'pain'!


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