08 February 2015

To shovel or not to shovel?

Yesterday we had a quiet morning inside because we suspected we had an afternoon of snow shovelling ahead of us.

Immediately after it had fallen, the snow had been powdery, fresh, thick, pure. It had settled in undulating drifts on our sloping paddocks and fallen from branches to the ground around us in soft thuds. When we walked out of the valley this week ours had been the first human footprints that had touched it. We had discovered the delicate deep footprints of deer and other finer prints that may have been foxes or squirrels.

Yesterday the snow had been contaminated by light rain overnight and was wet underneath.

So after lunch we went out rugged up, armed with shovels and ready to attack it.

We lasted 20 minutes, having come to a rather quick decision that we had no reason to leave the valley and quite enjoyed being "imprisoned".

Today we've been snowed in for 5 days. It's been wonderful.

Although temperatures sunk to -3 degrees overnight, turning our snow to ice, day temperatures will rise to a warm sunny 7-10 degrees for the next few days.

Escape is imminent.




  1. Cath you look far too stylish to be shovelling snow! Enjoy the solitude.

    1. Jenny, if you could see those leggings close-up you would notice holes in them!

  2. Sorry you can't get out today, as today happens to be Bar B Que Rib day in Acqui.
    It's a wonderful sunny day over here. WE just hope, your going to be able to get out by the 20th of Feb.

    1. Don't worry, we've eaten well during our incarceration...Especially Stu's favourite: chickpea curry! :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Not with our cantine full again! I had a nice glass of beppe marino pietre last night


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