25 February 2014

A new terrace and preparation for Spring!

Spring is on its way! The days are warm and the bulbs in our garden are starting to peek above the soil. Even the garden stall is back at the market. Since we want to make maximum use of our earth this season, we have been out in the dirt and sun for the last 3 days creating our landscape and preparing our soil. Stu has been busy building another terrace and stone wall to blend our driveway into the landscape better. Yesterday he finished the wall and started on a drainage job which will divert excess rainwater across the driveway. In the meantime, I turned the earth on the new terrace to remove any rocks, stones and weeds then dug ash and compost into the soil. We will buy 10-12 perennial plants for the border and fill the interior with plants donated by one of our friends. I also turned and weeded a patch of the herb garden which was covered in a nasty creeper that threatened to take over the entire property. I then turned the stale soil in the old display wheelbarrow and tin bath and added ash and compost so that they are also ready for planting!

The new terrace

The concrete drains across the driveway


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