15 February 2014


I have always been a homebody. Even when I travelled extensively, I have always loved returning home. This is perhaps strange for a person whose grandparents lived in different countries and who moved many times throughout her childhood. I was born in Sydney and moved to Tasmania when I was a toddler. I moved to Invercargill as a Grade 1 primary school student, then to Melbourne for the remainder of my primary schooling and most of the secondary years. I moved to Queensland for Year 12, then lived in Gladstone, Brisbane, Singapore, Sunshine Coast, Switzerland, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Papua New Guinea and Italy. So, with no singular home base, how do I define "home"? I define it as wherever I am at the time, which can be quite disconcerting for family and friends, especially if I happen to be staying with them! I sometimes catch an expression of alarm flash across their faces when I suggest that we go "home" to their places. At the moment, home is an old stone house in Italy which many other people have called "home" before me...



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