16 February 2014

Our strada brutta

Our driveway is of gravel construction and follows the creek as it twists and winds out of the valley. The track is shared by 5 houses, 4 of which have been doing renovations over recent years. Renovation means construction materials which are carted in by trucks that cut into the gravel and create potholes. The simple act of preparing to survive winter calls for heavy truckloads of wood or pellets. On top of this are the snowploughs which remove a good layer of gravel off the road. Add to this an unknown person who, some time ago, unwisely dug a trench across the road to allow excess water to run off into the creek. Over time, the water that flows through this trench has erroded the driveway so that one tyre tread is about to be lost to the creek! Enter Stu. Stu has been gathering old metal posts, wire and wire mesh from around the house and using these to build a little corral across the collapsed area. He now has a good strong reinforced boxing through which he will place a drainage pipe before filling the area with rubble followed by gravel and cement. Once this job is done, we will use the rubble from our renovations to fill in the other potholes along the driveway. Our "strada brutta" will soon be safer and smoother...but probably never quite "bella"...




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  1. Just as well you have plenty of rubbish around the place that you can re-assign to good purpose on the drivway. MD


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