18 February 2014

Easter looms!

Yesterday we found Easter eggs in the shops. Recently a friend invited us to an egg painting event. Huh? Apparently, at some time during our 3 year absence, our group of friends here have established an annual egg painting event/competition to mark Easter. I asked for more information. My friend told me that we each drain and dry several eggs before the event, then bring them to her place for painting. There is, of course, lunch and wine involved. Since we had planned to have eggs for breaky this morning, I didn't waste any time in changing my breaky menu from fried to scrambled. I took 4 eggs out of the fridge, then proceeded to poke and dig into them until I had made small holes at each end. I then pierced the yolks and sucked and blew through them until I had a bowl of wobbly whites and shattered yolks in front of me and several almost perfect but empty shells in my hand. Then I rinsed the shells and placed them in a bowl to dry. We are ready. Let the games begin.


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