09 August 2014

De-clutter and de-stress

While Stu has been chipping plaster and cement off the fienile and reinforcing the window openings, I have been tending tomatoes, cleaning bricks and de-cluttering.

I am cleaning bricks for two reasons: to move one of the piles of old building materials from behind the fienile and to prepare them to be laid as two wheel-tracks on the driveway. Regular readers will remember that I spent every day in November and December last year chiselling and scraping old bricks for re-use in our lounge room voltini. Well, the chisel and hammer are once again out and in use.

I am de-cluttering for two reasons: to clear out the rustico and fienile and to give to charity. A few hours buzzing around the house resulted in 8 book-boxes of donations. There is a lot written about the value of de-cluttering to our mental health. It apparently removes the distraction and worry of materialism and has a strangely freeing effect on the mind.

It does feel good to remove excess from my life and help others at the same time...





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