05 August 2014

More preparations for the fienile renovation

There are some jobs that we need to do before we can engage a contractor for the major renovation work on the fienile.

The most pressing jobs are associated with moving things. Our main stack of firewood is on one outside wall of the fienile, our overflow stack of firewood and heating pellets are inside the fienile and several piles of cleared vegetation, rubbish, bricks and stones are behind the fienile.

So Stu has been spending his days moving things. It's heavy and boring work. It's also deeply frustrating because we have created these piles in the last 5 years so moving them is double-handling. Now is not the time to talk about the triple-handling which will need to occur once the renovation is finished!

This week Stu moved all of the firewood to a new firewood stack which he erected on the potato patch. Hence why we dug up our potatoes recently!
Sadly, he also had to cut down a plum tree to provide access to the rear of the fienile. I abhor cutting down trees and experience all sorts of guilt about it. The only way I'm coping with the removal of this one is knowing that we have been nurturing several young plum groves on the property which are now fruiting...
Above: The old firewood stack half emptied
Above: Going...
Above: Going...
Above: Gone!



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