25 May 2014

Art on plates

During our recent trip to Lago Maggiore, I fell in love with ceramic artwork. Italy offers a very wide selection of hand painted Maiolica ceramics but I especially love the work of Carlesso which demonstrates a deep love of nature.

Maiolica is a type of white pottery dating from the Rennaissance.

Antonio Carlesso worked as a decorator at various ceramic manufacturers in the Venetian town of Nove (VI) Italy. After World War II, he opened a workshop called "Carlesso Pottery" where he made ceramics and furniture for the table.

In 1992 he left the reins of the family business to his son Roger who has a different style to Antonio. Since Antonio's death a few years ago, his pieces have become collectables.

I purchased a medium sized plate in yellow/orange tones for the kitchen wall and live in hope that I can buy a large plate in pink/red tones for the dining room wall...



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