21 May 2014

A morning of clarity, history and art

A clear sky welcomed us into the new day and made a walk by the lake irresistible. We were rewarded for our efforts by a splash of warm glow on the coloured buildings and still waters of Mergozzo. After a cappuccino and a croissant we drove into Stresa and took a local ferry to Isola Bella. The boat gave us a good view of the palazzo's gardens, including the statues that decorate it and the roses that adorn it. We spent two hours wandering through the old town and being distracted by the many small shops selling colourful Italian pottery and glass from Murano. Although I resisted the pottery, I purchased two Murano glass rings only to finally succumb to the pottery temptation back in Stresa where I dug deep to buy a hand painted plate for my kitchen wall.







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