06 May 2014

Car boot sales and a special inn

Yesterday morning was spent in a very English way, at two separate car boot sales, one near Bidford and the other near Cheltenham! I couldn't believe my luck! There is simply no better way for me to waste time than by looking at second hand things! Car boot sales have a spontaneous feel about them: they are held in paddocks and handpainted boards on the side of the road announce them. Rows of cars were parked in haphazard rows in the wet grass and all manner of treasure (trash?) laid out on trestles and rugs. While I searched for antiques of inestimable value, Stu eavesdropped on the locals, listening to their accents. While my search for a lost Van Gogh or a rare Doulton proved fruitless I did pick up a few old tin cannisters and a plastic grater. In the afternoon, we left The Cotswolds and headed south west. Some time during the past year, we had watched a television program called The Restaurant Man which helps new restaurant owners to be successful. One of the episodes had featured "The Bell At Selsley", an old stone inn which was being renovated and revived. Well, yesterday we happened to drive through the town of Selsley and find the inn! Sounds like a good excuse for lunch and a beer? So we partook of a local ale and fish and chips before proceeding on to a BnB for our last night in the UK.



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