16 May 2014

Cinghiale buster stage 2

A few days ago I posted a story about the threat that cinghiale pose to our growing potatoes. Being halfway through Spring, it is highly likely that they have piglets by now and are hungry. We have heard them across the creek for a few weeks now but one night this week I heard one very close to the house, so close that it woke me up. For half an hour I stood at the window scanning our paddocks for rogue boar in the moonlight. Today I was weeding the garden when I heard a grunt that seemed to be only metres away. I dropped my tools, fled inside and locked the door! We are now obsessed with protecting our tatties. Every morning we rush out to the potato patch to see if it has survived the night. Yesterday we invested in a roll of red and white tape which Stu placed around the patch before dark. So far so good...


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