16 March 2015

A sunny week well spent

We have been enjoying a wonderful week of sun and 15-20 degree temperatures. We've even had our cotton shirts and sunhats on!

Unfortunately rain has been forecast for the next week and it is already drizzling so we're glad to have made the most of the good weather.

We took the opportunity to clear another small area of our land together. Sadly, we had to cut down several trees that were growing horizontally. The forest is full of vines and blackberry which pull down and strangle the trees. We freed other more upright trees from the clutches of these vines and they now have space around them to stretch out and reach up to the sun.

Stu also cleaned about 40 old terracotta tiles with the grinder while I painted beams for the fienile. These were not the beams delivered yesterday but several old beams that we had lying around the place. Our muratore suggested we use them across the tops of the openings in the fienile, in the same way that wood is used above the windows and doors on the house.

He really "feels" historical buildings and is always on the lookout for ways to incorporate old materials into a renovation. His idea will not only utilise valuable aged wood but it will also add more authenticity to the building and bring the house and the fienile "together" more...




  1. You two need a day off to just eat and drink.

    1. Yes! And our eating and drinking best friends have deserted us in our time of need!

  2. You guys are doing an awesome job. congratulations on your amazing efforts. so proud of you both.

    1. Thanks Maria! Cant wait to see you this year and have you enjoy our water and septic system!


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