02 October 2013

Cheung chau island

After being woken by Stuart announcing that it was 6.30am, we quickly showered and dressed for breakfast at 7.00am. After we had got ready, Stuart (wondering why it was still so dark) checked his watch and sheepishly told me that it was only 4.30am. I was not a happy chappie. However, we talked ourselves into going down to the bar to see if we could send a few emails using the free wifi here. After half an hour there and several "head-nods", we decided to go back to bed. Take 2. We slept for another hour and woke at 6.30am. After a breakfast during which I ate far too many rice noodles and managed to cause a disturbance related to my need to understand table construction (well, I am a carpenter's daughter after all....), we met Luca at reception for a wild day on the streets and the water. Here are a few photos of the island of Cheung Chau, which is approximately 40 minutes from Hong Kong and has no high rise buildings or motorised vehicles...a real treat!



  1. Wow Cath, you have such a charmed life. I can't wait to follow your journey back to Italy. I found your blog via the DTE forums. Cheers, Tanya

  2. Hi, Cath! This is such a nice blog! Been trying to reach you but can't seem to find your email address anywhere! I hope we can reconnect! Here's my email adress: hsoriaga@gmail.com

    Thanks and keep this up!

    -- Harold L. Soriaga


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