14 October 2013

Let the composting begin!

We love to compost. The compost bin we used when we lived here 2.5 years ago is now too small for the compost potential that our new permanent and dedicated life gives us. We also plan to mow one paddock a week and want to compost the grass cuttings from these paddocks. Hence, today we drove 30km in search of two perfect compost bins (we need two because one will be "active" while the other is "resting"). We wanted something that had a large top loading hole, was wider at the bottom than the top and would rest directly on the earth to enable maximum interaction with worms and other useful composting bugs. We also wanted something that we could simply lift off to leave a pile of composted matter behind. We didn't want to have to shovel out our compost as this is too tedious. We visited 3 hardware and gardening shops and found lots of rubbish bins that were too narrow and proper compost bins that were too flimsy and expensive. Just as he had given up, we drove past a pile of 300 litre containers at a strange little shop that handles farming equipment. These containers are used in the production of wine and were just perfect for our purposes. We purchased them, squeezed them into our car and drove home. Then we cut a large hole in the bottom of them, turned them upside down and put a piece of tin on one and wood on the other (as lids) before emptying our first load of kitchen scraps into one of them. Let the composting begin!


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