17 October 2013

Let the destruction commence

It has been two days since we launched at our first renovation project since returning to Italy. We now have a new pile of bricks growing behind the fienile, a new pile of rubble growing in the downstairs room and a hole in the floor/ceiling depending on which room you're in. We are trying to fix an old renovation job that was done by previous owners. The problem is that the ceilings in both rooms are incredibly heavy: they are constructed of one layer of wood, one layer of bricks and 3 inches of cement. There is a layer of reinforcement steel in there too but, thankfully, this is badly placed (under the cement rather than in it) which means it will be easy for us to fracture the cement. Our geometra came to view the situation a few months ago and was shocked that such massive weight was resting on wooden beams. So we have started to remove it all and plan to replace it with heavy board, then put down wooden floors in both rooms. Stand by for further updates as the piles get bigger and the hole enlarges...



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