09 October 2013

Our heating is ready when we want it

As Autumn continues and temperatures drop, it is comforting to know that we now have the potential to heat our home. It took quite considerable coordination by a number of our friends to make this happen for us and yesterday it all came together nicely. One friend, who owns a B&B and a vineyard with an incredible view, purchased the pellets for us and provided his little vineyard tractor to enable them to be taken from the large delivery truck up the valley to our house. Three other friends brought a sense of humour and a luxurious lemon curd cake for afternoon tea, Five pallets containing 370 bags of pellets (approximately 7 tonne) were delivered by a heavy duty truck which parked itself on the main road at the end of our 1.5km driveway and offloaded the pallets one by one onto the verge. Before the truck driver left, he was able to put two of these pallets directly onto the vineyard tractor which meant we didn't have to on-load this quantity by hand. The tractor then travelled up our track where four men were waiting to offload it, then it drove back down with two men in our car following it to load the next lot of bags by hand. Thankfully, we only had to do this once because a neighbour on the main road (who we have never met before!) offered to load the remaining two pallets with his forklift! After the stacking was completed, we all sat under the wisteria-laden pergola with two bottles of local Spumante and that lovely lemon cake...






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