20 October 2013

The piles are moving and growing

Managing our renovation and demolition detritus has been a constant challenge for us. We have bricks, tiles, steel and plastics that we have to organise and limited space near the house to put it. In the past, we have spent many hours moving these piles around the place depending on our focus at the time. In summer, the vege garden was the priority and the bricks and tiles went at the end of the garden. Now, demolition is a priority so they need to be moved to a location that will allow their quantity to increase four fold. We keep our rubbish because we want to re-use it as much as possible in order to minimise our environmental footprint. The old bricks can be used in paths between rows of veges; old tiles may cover the odd floor or wall; old steel may come in handy as cement reinforcing. So we are now "hiding" our rubbish behind the fienile, which has yet to be renovated. Once the house is finished, and we are left with rubbish that can only be defined as "utterly unusable" we will engage a bobcat/truck to excavate and remove our entire collection. We live in hope that this will be the end of our rubbish management issues.



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