17 October 2013

On the way to belonging

An "administration day" is always a good thing when we have spent the last two days digging in the garden and emptying the next two rooms to be renovated. Our bodies are incredibly tired to the point that we had trouble getting out of chairs today in the various government offices we visited! We needed to renew Stuart's residency, get the ball rolling on the renewal of my residency and progress the import of our shipping container. When we did anything administrative 2.5 years ago, it was a major trauma which exhausted us within minutes and had us escaping back up our valley for a bit of respite. This time, since we were already familiar with the offices, the people, the challenges and the waiting times, we could cope with it all much better. Also, my Italian seems to have improved (?) but I suspect that this may be because I have a different attitude. Last time, we were here temporarily; we always knew we would have to return to Australia to work. This time, we are here permanently, which gives me a greater impetus and confidence to "give it a go" in terms of verbal communication. It is definitely BAD Italian...but they do seem to know what I am saying! Tomorrow we have another "administrative day" which will see us commencing the changeover of our car registration from Switzerland to Italy. Once we do this and our residencies are finalised, we will have 12 months to get an Italian drivers licence...but thats a whole other story...


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