13 July 2014

A cleaner septic waste

We have made a significant purchase towards the septic project: we have purchased the new septic system itself!

We had hoped to fit the various elements into the back of our car but unfortunately almost every element was too big so we needed the shop to deliver them. There was sudden panic when we saw the size of the truck. The condition of our driveway is not ideal for large vehicles, with narrow bridges, sharp turns, potholes and overhanging branches. We voiced our concerns to the boss who suggested that we take the truck driver to view the road first.

Happy in the knowledge that this would offload our responsibility for the truck, we piled into the car. We drove in silence until the car turned off the street and into our driveway. The truck driver immediately started to make satisfied grunts and voice the odd "buona". To ensure his expectations remained realistic, I maintained a commentary, warning him when a bridge or a sharp turn loomed or when a tree might threaten our very progress. Despite my concerns, he continued with his grunts and "buonas". When we arrived at the house, i got out of the car to highlight the narrow space through the main gate and explain the small turnaround area which could in fact be soft under wheel (how does one say "bog" in Italian anyway?).

In the end, the driver was happy with the road so we returned to the shop where we paid for the equipment while the driver loaded it onto the truck. Just before midday both vehicles set off, the car containing two nervous procurers and the truck containing their purchases.

It was a worrying drive to the house as we watched our expensive new equipment roll around and crash into the sides of the truck. The situation didnt improve as the truck squeezed across bridges, tore through vegetation with its loading/unloading crane and rocked and skidded on the soft surface at the house!

After the equipment was unloaded, we watched the truck wobble back down the driveway and shatter one of its headlights on a plum tree.

We now have several very big and very bright (yellow) modules outside our house. On several occasions since delivery I have seen Stu moving the pieces around like a boy building a truck out of lego...





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