09 July 2014

There's a rat in the house!

Earlier one morning during the week, I was walking between the bathroom and our bedroom when I heard a scratching noise on the wood panelled ceiling above me. I looked up to see a small face looking at me. The face's body was half-squeezed through a crack and the creature was sniffing the air. Despite the fact that it was 6am and I was barely awake I had the wherewithal to yell at Stu and clap loudly to scare the little being back through the crack. Stu dived out of bed, ran downstairs screaming something about silicon while I kept up my clapping efforts. A few minutes later, Stu reappeared with a cartridge gun and 2 cartridges and proceeded to squirt gooey stuff into every actual and imagined crack in the house. We don't know what the creature was (a baby rat, a field mouse, a dormouse?) but it certainly put us on edge and our fragile mental condition was again challenged today. I was outside talking to a friend who regularly walks up the valley with his small black dog. While we were talking, the dog entered the house and made its way into the lounge room where Stu was engrossed in the televised overage of the Tour de France. In the middle of our conversation we heard a shriek and a yelp and stepped aside just in time to see a grown man and a small dog hurtling towards the door. The man was clutching his heart and the dog was trying to get some traction on the slippery floor. It turns out that the man had gone into a total panic when he saw an overgrown rodent in his lounge room; the small dog still doesn't know what happened...


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