14 July 2014

Let them bee

As you know, Stu has been preparing for the installation of the new septic system. The grey and black water pipes in the house have been found and are ready to be separated, the equipment has been delivered and various holes have been dug around the place to identify where external pipes currently run and where they will run in the future.

While I have generally coped well with the mole-infested appearance of our lawn, I coped less well with the news that Stu needed to dig at the front of the house to find the kitchen grey water. A beautifully blooming french lavender at the digging spot has had scores of native bees humming all over it every day for weeks. Supporting this fragile species is an absolute priority for us so we agreed to let them feast a while longer before we harvested the flowers so that Stu could dig.

This morning when we cut the blooms the air around the house was pungent with lavender oil. Six more huge bunches are now hanging in the kitchen...and half of the lavender still remains on the bush for the bees...



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