08 July 2014

A cleaner(er) fienile

Last month I spent quite a few mornings continuing the cleanup of the fienile. The fienile is a separate building close to the house. In the old days, animals (pigs) were kept downstairs and their winter feed (hay) upstairs. When we arrived back in Italy last year (just before winter), we had a big reorganisation. We put anything of value into boxes for charity and everything of no value upstairs in the fienile until we could do something better with it in spring/summer. The items destined for the fienile included the previous owners industrial rubbish (75% of it!), plastics and paper/cardboard from our relocation and general rubbish. There is recycling for plastics in our comune and we will burn the paper/cardboard for garden ash. The general rubbish will go out with our weekly collection but the heavier or sizeable industrial rubbish (gas cylinders, carpets, mattresses, pumps, paint cans, etc.) will unfortunately have to go to landfill. I guess the only good thing about this last category is that very few of it was created by us...

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