25 July 2014

A load of precious wood

This week some very kind and incredibly generous friends gave us a load of aged hardwood for our fienile renovation. They needed to move it off their property so that their builder could commence work on a retaining wall.

We met at their house at 7am. The plan had been to have a slow breakfast of spritz (spumante and orange juice) and quiche but the builder was too efficient for us and arrived before the quiche was cooked! We did manage to down a glass of spritz though while he loaded his truck.

As we drove off to guide the truck driver to our place, our friends told us they would bring the quiche (which was sending off stomach-awakening aromas) to our place when it was cooked and have breakfast there.

The truck followed our car home. It was an eventful trip, with the truck driver having to stop at a major crossroads to tighten the straps on the load. While he was doing this, several vehicles of the law drove past: 2 polizia motorbikes and 2 carabinieri cars! They took a slight interest in the truck, just enough to have me mentally scrambling for dialogue to explain where the wood came from and why we didn't have a receipt (in Italy you must be able to show a receipt for all new purchases to prove payment of VAT)! However the law continued on so we did too.

Stu helped the driver to offload the wood at our place, then put it to bed under protective tarps.

Within half an hour our friends had arrived with a steaming quiche and a happy breakfast was enjoyed under our pergola, our very inadequate contribution being 2 bottles of spumante.

We are still trying to work out how to repay our friends for the wood!





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