29 July 2014

Fienile renovation

I have been talking about our plans and preparations for the renovation of our fienile so I thought it was about time I shared our "before" (now) and "after" (dream) with you.

We are waiting for a few quotes for two main projects:

1. The shoring up of the walls, reconstruction of the roof and laying of a smooth concrete floor.

2. The excavation of earth behind the building, erection of a retaining wall and laying of a concrete slab.

If prices are extreme, then our dream may have to stay a dream...but we have our fingers crossed...tightly...


Source: unknown (apologies to the publisher)



  1. Is it too early to get reservations to stay there for the truffle festival next year? There will be heaters and fresh breads and jams for breakfast? And a quick game of cricket during the noon hour.

    1. Jam will be served at breakfast, lunch and dinner...well, I have to get rid of it somehow!


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