20 June 2015

My pollice verde

Last week, our neighbour bestowed on me the esteemed title of "Pollice Verde" (green thumb)!

That is, until I transplanted a cherry tree at the beginning of summer. This caused all manner of trauma. "The the tree will die!", he exclaimed. "Such things can only be done in autumn!", he insisted.

But I am confident that my little transplanted tree will survive because I apply dry land (Australia!) as well as spiritual gardening techniques to our garden.

These are secrets of my "pollice verde":

- I use mulch. Our neighbour has seen me gathering cut grass, piling it up, watering it, waiting for it to start shrinking, then plastering it all over our gardens. He shakes his head at it, asks questions about why we do it and what it does and ultimately decides that it will kill our plants!

- I also talk to and stroke my plants. Our neighbour (hopefully) hasn't seen me doing this!

When you come from a gardening wasteland such as Australia, you simply cannot fail to have a "pollice verde" in the fertile and moist environment we have in Piemonte...


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