18 November 2013

A thorn in his (back) side

I refer to earlier posts on the telecommunication issues we are having (broken cable in the forest). Today, Stu took off up the hill behind the house armed with branch cutters and hedge trimmers to trace the line. It is quite steep and slippery up there, with loose dirt and long grass and thorn trees. I saw him slip on his back several times. So I shouldn't have been surprised when he casually suggested over dinner tonight that he might have a splinter in his nether regions. Whatever concern I felt, it was overshadowed by an intense desire to laugh. However, I managed to keep my face reasonably serious while I asked him to give me a brown eye so I could inspect the damage. There, in the middle of our fairly exposed kitchen, he turned around and far too soon I was greeted by a soft white bum marked by a red dot. What does one do in this situation? I decided to take the "wait and see" approach. I told him that any pain he felt was likely to be the poison from the thorn which would probably dissipate overnight and that we should have another inspection in the morning. Stand by for an update. In the meantime, I can report that his foray into the forest was successful. He was able to find the spot where the line was pulled down by bamboo and vines. We are now in a position to explain to the telecommunications people when they return this week.

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