05 November 2013

Demolition update

You have probably noticed that I have been writing short blog postings about various minor topics lately. Short postings are all I can cope with after a day of carting bricks and shovelling rubble! However, I can confirm that the demolition work has been progressing nicely. We have now finished the demolition of the loft and removed several square metres of the first level floor. We are aiming for completion within a week. The bricks are piled behind the fienile. At EUR 1 each, they need to be looked after! The rubble is piled behind the house. Smaller pieces are going straight on the driveway to ensure a good road base over winter and larger pieces will be used to shore up our steeper banks in the future.

Above: The hole in the first floor that we are using to send bricks and rubble down.

Above: The situation on the first floor with the loft gone.

Above: The situation on the ground floor. Mattresses are being used to protect the window, heater and fireplace. A fan is being used to direct dust away from the rest of the house. The white smudge is a cloud of dust coming down from above.

Above: The pile of rubble.


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