21 November 2013

Its drinkable after all!

Last time we lived here and had tradespeople work on the place for us, I abhorred offering them coffee, a reaction from the first time I ever made a coffee for an Italian and he spat it out! So it was with great trepidation that I asked the builders this week if they would like a coffee...and it was no relief when they said they would! So there I stood in the kitchen looking at one of those stove top coffee makers that I have had for years and never used. Luckily I had some quality Illy coffee so I used that. The gadget seemed a bit lethargic though. It usually sizzles and spits the coffee out but this seemed to percolate it. But it was all I had so I softened the shock of my coffee with a piece of carrot and walnut cake. After initial expressions that almost caused me to return to Australia, they told me the coffee was good but it needed sugar. Phew! So now they get a coffee every morning and afternoon, along with a piece of home made cake. They were devastated when I served the last piece of cake this afternoon so I told them there would be a new "dolce" tomorrow. It is in the oven cooking as I write...a cinnamon tea cake.



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