30 November 2013

Staircase opening

When the builders arrived at 8am, it was minus 4 degrees. First, Sandro explained his concept for the stairs. They will be simple and rustic, just perfect for this house. The balustrade will be iron and the stairs will be 5cm thick rovere wood on which the finish has been baked much like ceramic firing. He will do all the shaping and welding here himself. The next day, he arrived with a truckload of steel including a very heavy duty i-beam and longer versions of the staircase samples he had showed us earlier. After spending the morning exposing and cleaning the new voltini, he installed the heavy i-beam to support the first floor, then demolished the ground floor brick wall and stairs. We now have a lovely sense of space in the lower floor...and a ladder for stairs (!?)

Above: the wooden tread and steel balustrade for the new stairs

Above: installing the heavy i-beam
Above: the brick wall gone

Above: the stairs going, going, gone


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